10 Popular Movie Moments That Were Stolen By Rick And Morty


Rick and Morty is a Frankenstein’s monster of pop culture references. The show that initially started off as a short, crude and vulgar Back to the Future parody has evolved into an acclaimed comedy show spanning three series. The show is littered with pop culture references and frequently takes concepts from other stories and uses them as the backbone for its parodies.

The second episode of Rick and Morty, Lawnmower dog has tons of basis in pre-existing media. Outside of the mere title being a reference to Stephen King’s Lawnmower Man, the A plot uses the story of Inception and spoof the characters of A Nightmare on Elm Street in order to build its dream based plot. Not only that but it’s B plot heavily references George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm, taking both character name and the vague concept. The best part is these plots are interconnected meaning the episode is one great spider-web of references that actually further the story.

Rick and Morty would later play about with the ideas and themes that were abandoned by The Matrix in the episode M. Night Shaym-Aliens! Where Rick is placed inside a Matrix, within a Matrix, within another Matrix by aliens who want the recipe for concentrated dark matter.

The show goes from there to David Cronenberg in ‘Rick Potion #9’ when Rick gives Morty a love potion, but thanks to a series of unfortunate errors, Rick manages to transform the entire world in to Cronenbergian monstrosities.

That and many more are going to be discussed in todays video!