10 Popular Movie Characters That Were Changed In Different Countries


Whatever country you live in, you probably only ever get to see one version of any given movie being shown there. However, a lot of movies get released with changes of varying degrees in different countries around the world, in order to cater for the preferences of different audiences. That sometimes includes changing characters in certain ways. This video will show you ten examples of that. You'll see how Zootopia used different animals to represent news anchors around the world. You'll see how Shrek 2 used two different famous people to voice certain characters in the USA and UK. You'll see how Cars did the exact same thing as Shrek 2. You'll see how Iron Man 3 made one character far more prominent and important in China. You'll see how Planes changed one character's name and appearance completely in several different countries. You'll see how Wreck-It Ralph changed one minor character for Japan and used a different actor's voice for another certain character in the UK. You'll see how Red Dawn completely changed its main villains because of how it would potentially affect its success in China. You'll see how Moana had to change the name of its titular character - and subsequently the name of the movie - in several countries across Europe. You'll see how an iconic Harry Potter character was renamed for the Netherlands. And you'll see how a classic English character from an old novel had to be renamed for the movie version for quite a funny reason!