10 Plot Holes In Harry Potter That Left Fans Hanging


Having dedicated fans is a writer’s dream but in the case of “Harry Potter,” fans do not appreciate unexplained plot holes. Though J.K. Rowling has done her best to answer her fans’ most elusive questions, some mysteries continue to remain unsolved! Find out which details are the most inconsistent as we go through the 10 Plot Holes In Harry Potter That Left Fans Hanging.

Whether it’s a Marauder’s map malfunction, the wizard economy, the lack of use of Veritaserum, or the Ministry’s inconsistency, some elements of the series just don’t seem to add up! Ever wonder why Harry can’t see Thestrals even after witnessing death or how Sirius got his wand back? Maybe some theories will answer your questions! Wait until number 1 to see how Hogwarts’ school subjects is one of the strangest ambiguous plot point! Do you have any plot hole theories? Let us know in the comments!