10 People Who Look Like CARTOON CHARACTERS


Many people are completely obsessed with all things Disney related. They watch the movies hundreds of times, they collect memorabilia, and some even go to great lengths to resemble their favorite characters. They spend thousands of dollars on surgery and costumes to resemble them. But other people don’t have to pay a dime to look like a carbon copy of a Disney character, they just naturally resemble them! These people are twinning with Disney princesses, princes, villains and heroes totally by accident.

We came across one guy who looks so much like the character Andy from “Toy Story.” The funny thing is, he actually knows he looks like the character, too! He staged a photo that looks like one of the scenes from the movie. He's looking down at some toys, and the resemblance between him and Andy is uncanny! There’s another guy who looks just like Woody from the movie, too. If Disney ever decides to make a live-action version of this story, they definitely need to hire one of these two guys to be in the film!

Most girls dream of looking like a Disney princess, but one girl looks like Elsa without even trying. She stood next to a cutout of the “Frozen” character while shopping in a store, and just wait until you see the picture! You’ll definitely have to do a double take when you see these two standing side by side.

If you’d like to see more people who twinned with Disney characters, including a girl who looks like Flash from “Zootopia,” and women who look like Cruella de Vil and Ursula, make sure to watch our video. Leave us a comment and let us know which of these Disney lookalikes is your favorite!