10 Paused Disney Moments They Don’t Want You To Know About


Disney movies are some of the most paused movies out there - usually because eagle-eyed Easter egg hunters are keen to spot fun intentional inclusions by Disney's animators, such as characters from other movies making cameos in the background.

 However, quite often, pausing Disney movies at just the right time can result in an image Disney might not be so keen for you to see. Whether it's a character looking a little less attractive than they usually do, a situation being made to look inappropriate when taken out of context, or otherwise, there are some Disney movie screenshots that weren't meant to be seen when paused. This video will take a look at some entertaining examples of that. We hope you enjoy it - and make sure you subscribe to ScreenRant's YouTube channel to enjoy more like it in the future!

Here are ten paused Disney moments they don't want you to know about.