10 Paused Disney Moments That Make You Look Twice


Animation has come a long way since Walt Disney rolled out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. Technology has come a long way too, allowing us to see more and more moments we were never intended to see.

CBR has gathered the creepiest, funniest and oddest paused moments from your favorite Disney animated films. Rapunzel has amazing hair, but her lizard pal Pascal is a little more frightening than first imagined. You know what else is scary? Poor hygiene and awful facial hair. You would assume a prince wouldn't suffer these traits, but when you’ve been a beast for a long time, it’s hard to get yourself worthy of a beauty. Speaking of princes not looking their best, Ariel thought life under the sea was bad, spending her days wishing upon a star for a handsome prince. What if he’s not as cute as she imagined?

Getting faces to look accurate in animation can be difficult, and showing a face getting hit by a book, can be tougher. Hitting pause at just the right moment during Lilo & Stitch will give you a whole new appreciation of the human anatomy. How the body can twist beyond recognition. Like Aladdin, who is a lot more flexible than you ever knew. Sometimes paused scenes leave you scared, like a frozen frame from The Princess and the Frog. Speaking of Frozen, turns out Anna may have had powers. Though, probably not as powerful as Merida’s hair from Brave. That mane has it’s own brain.

Hit play and watch us hit pause, giving you a fresh, and sometimes frightening new view of your favorite Disney films.