10 Paused Disney Moments Animators Dont Want You To Find


While the writers at Disney get a lot of credit, the animators have plenty of fun of their own. Hidden throughout the films are numerous easter eggs (and some controversial content) that was clearly not meant to be found—or to be found by only the most eagle-eyed of viewers. Some of the Easter Eggs are a bit easier to find, while others require pausing at an exact moment (and sometimes going frame by frame) to find them. Everything from references to earlier films to not-safe-for-work content can be found hidden throughout the films. Some of the included Easter Eggs take an almost Shakespearean approach; high-brow humor secreted away in low-brow scenes, while others are simply jokes that only adults would get. Just take a look: a dirty picture on the wall for a split-second in one film, too-much detail given to the pelvic region in another. Barely-masked pervy jokes throughout. Nothing children were likely to notice, but parents would glean more than a bit of enjoyment from it--if they weren’t totally outraged. It’s almost like Disney animators knew parents would need something just for them to get through the thirteenth viewing of Dumbo that week. If you’re a fan of Disney and Pixar, for example, hundreds of words have been written about the continuing universe between the various films. Sometimes those connections span hundreds, if not thousands of years in the universe the films take place in. Check out these ten paused moments you might not see otherwise!