10 of the Worst Movie Castings Ever


Good writing and a great storyline can only carry a film so far. When it comes to a movie being labeled a box office hit, the casting plays a large role in how well the film performs. Sometimes, casting directors hire the wrong actors and actresses in their movies, and the results are disastrous. Here are a few of the worst movie castings ever.

Steve Jobs was paid homage to in a 2013 film called “Jobs.” Ashton Kutcher starred in the lead role, and many people were outraged. Ashton is best-known for playing comedic roles in films, such as “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and television series, such as “That ‘70s Show.” This made it hard for many people to take him seriously as he played the role of a stern and serious computer genius.

In the 2015 movie “Aloha,” Emma Stone played the role of Allison Ng, an Air Force pilot who was of Hawaiian and Asian heritage. The only problem is, Emma is Caucasian, and many people accused the actress and the film of whitewashing Hawaiian and Asian culture. After receiving backlash, Emma said she finally realized how problematic whitewashing is in the entertainment industry, and she’s glad the movie helped to ignite some very serious conversations.

When Zoe Saldana was cast as legendary singer Nina Simone in the movie “Nina,” it caused a tidal wave of controversy. Zoe, who identifies as a Black Latina, is considerably lighter than Nina. To get into character, makeup artists would apply dark makeup all over Zoe’s body, and she even wore a prosthetic nose that was a bit more broad and wider than her actual nose. Nina’s daughter even criticized the casting and called it “deeply shameful and hurtful.”

When news broke that Amy Schumer would play Barbie in a live-action film, the world was shocked. When people think of Barbie, Amy usually doesn’t come to mind. Most people are aware that Barbie’s physical appearance and measurements are unrealistic, but they wished the film had cast someone that resembled Barbie a little bit more. Months after the news was revealed, Amy pulled out of the film due to a scheduling conflict. Many people are relieved she’s no longer involved in the movie, but we have to admit, it would’ve been interesting to see her play the iconic doll, don’t you agree?

Do you agree or disagree with our list of the worst movie castings?