10 Nickelodeon Shows That Aren't For Kids


When we were kids, most of us watched Nickelodeon. And for the most part, we never realized that anything was wrong. But there were some cartoons that we probably should never have watched. Check out our video about 10 Nickelodeon Shows That Aren’t For Kids to learn more.

Let’s take a look at “Hey Arnold!” first. The show seemingly followed a little boy and his friends as they grew up in the city. But did you realize that Helga’s mom had a drinking problem the entire time? She was always having trouble staying awake and was always making herself “special smoothies.” That doesn’t sound very kid-friendly, does it?

Whether it’s Timmy’s lack of parenting in “The Fairly OddParents” or Invader Zim’s attempt to harvest organs, there are some Nick shows that are just totally inappropriate for kids. Stay tuned to 10 Nickelodeon Shows That Aren’t For Kids to find out why you might not want to let your younger siblings watch “Rugrats” anymore.