10 Netflix Shows That Kids Should Never Watch


Netflix is one of the best places to catch original programing these days. Much like HBO, it offers rich characters, amazing acting, wonderful sets and top notch writing. It also has plenty of R rated content, fit for a network that doesn’t have to please advertisers. There’s a plethora of great television shows on Netflix but please for the love of god, ensure that your children don’t end up watching any of these shows! Just because Castlevania is animated, does not mean they should watch it. It’s actually one of the most violent shows on the network! Narcos is critically acclaimed but deals with some pretty notorious individuals, such as Pablo Escobar. Big Mouth may appear to be friendly towards children, and it does try to inform young minds, but it’s very graphic and explicit and downright weird at times. Orange is the New Black deals with life in prison, so you know it’s not age appropriate while House of Cards deals with the corruption of Washington D.C. BoJack Horseman deals with the dark side of fame and acting, so you know there’s going to be material that’s not good for kids to see. Altered Carbon has shown more skin that Game of Thrones in one season and 13 Reasons Why has some of the darkest depictions of teen life ever on TV. BoJack Horseman is one animated series kids should definitely avoid and Stranger Things is a horror-lite series that uses freaky experiments and monsters to rattle our minds. Oh-and let’s not forget Marvel’s The Punisher, which is really, really violent.