10 Movies That Were Forced To Change For Other Countries


Studios determine a movies success is by two things: name recognition and marketing. We all know that a Spider-Man film is going to be a box office hit regardless of its advertisement. Its brand recognition is just that strong – so films like Spider-Man: Homecoming, only needs to show us more in the international trailer.

But other movies need a great marketing campaign to get the film out there. Sometimes this involves making a trailer that actively deceives the audience into thinking the movie is something else. This has caused controversy with movies like Crimson Peak, where the audience were sold something different to what they saw. When it comes to cutting a trailer, deception is ironically key, a trailer company will try to sell you the idea of what a film could be, rather than what it actually is.

As a result, trailers can be both slightly, or wildly different depending on the country it’s released in. While some movies like Dunkirk, are selling an action movie in the place of a historical drama, and only tweak the trailers slightly – other movies like Iron Man 3 drastically changed everything, added in new characters that are barely present in the edited cut of the movie, and greatly mislead foreign audiences.

It’s not all bad though. Sometimes international and foreign movie trailers simply just show more of the action. While spoiler sensitive fans may not appreciate it, it’s certainly important in the eyes of the fans that want to see as much of the movie as possible, before the movie has come out.