10 Movies That Are Famous For Being BAD


You’ve probably seen a few bad movies in your day. Some are now famous for being so. The Room created in 2003 by Tommy Wiseau has been deemed as one of the worst movies ever made. James Franco among others will be in a movie called The Disaster Artist that goes behind the scenes for the making of The Room. Unfortunately Halle Berry got cast as Catwoman in 2004 and her career hasn’t been very spectacular since then. The Wayans brothers wrote White Chicks and it was released in 2004. It did not do very well in the box office and was not very funny. Johnny Depp donned a very poor British Accent in Mortdecai, an art-dealer turned rogue on the side. Another movie that was idiotic and was criticized heavily. Francis Ford Coppola really dropped the ball when he wrote and directed Twixt in 2011. Not even in the same realm as some of his other movies. Dana Carvey’s career never blossomed very much after his time on SNL and starred in Master of Disguise which was a big disappointment. Peter Jackson, well known for his films set in Middle Earth adapted the best-selling novel, The Lovely Bones, but did not do the book justice on the big screen. Fans of The Last Airbender cartoon were very excited to hear it was coming to the big screen. Unfortunately thriller, drama, director M. Night Shyamalan and cast could not make it into something as good as the cartoon and left a lot disappointed. Clint Eastwood is a big-time director but couldn’t make a big-time movie out of Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Terry Gilliam has always been known for his visually striking and out-there type movies. The Brothers Grimm fell short of compared to his other movies.