10 Movie Theories You Totally Missed In Moana


With a great story, fun characters, and memorable music, Moana is one of Disney’s biggest hits since Frozen. On the surface, the film represents a fun story about a girl following her own destiny to explore. Dive a little deeper and you can find all kinds of film theories that relate to the animation.

Maui is presented in the film as demi-god, but if the animators dove a little more into his backstory, it would be a tragic tale of abandonment. The crab Tamatoa is a creepy guy who loves treasures and many people have said that he is actually a pirate that was reincarnated as the crab. Moana went up against a lot of danger, but she may have actually been completely safe the whole time. Maui and Moana randomly meet in the film, but many fans questioned whether they were actually related to each other. Moana could also be a distant relative of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch fame. Many people wonder if Moana will become an official Disney Princess and there are many rules that she falls under to receive this classification. Moana draws inspiration from a lot of different stories, but Wonder Woman may be one of them. There are multiple theories that tie Moana to the story of the Little Mermaid. What happened to the pig in Moana after he was left behind on the island? There are multiple theories about his whereabouts. The Lord of the Rings and Moana have been compared for very similar hero journeys.