10 Movie Scenes That Refused To Use Digital Effect


Every now and again, films come out and surprise audiences by having some amazing practical effects that challenge the need for digital effects. All of the shots in this video could have been done with CGI, but the filmmakers decided the only way to get the scene just right was to do it for real, without any help from the digital domain. So they went out and did it for real! Christopher Nolan truly is the champion of practical effects, delivering three films on this list that have inspired and awed audiences. Whether it’s the Dark Knight flipping a truck, Cooper being trapped in the fifth dimension in Interstellar or Nolan buying a $5 million vintage plane and crashing it, he’s ensuring all his shots are the real deal. Other filmmakers are doing similar stuff with their work. From Mad Max: Fury Road’s start to finish chase scene, Fate of the Furious’ falling cars to Tom Cruise doing some insane stunts all on his own. Either he’s hanging off the side of a plane in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, or he’s being tossed around in one with zero gravity in the 2017 remake of the Mummy. Even Spider Man looks like he’s getting in on the action, hanging off the side of a helicopter for the anticipated Homecoming film from Marvel. It looks like that despite the amazing wonders digital effects can do, many filmmakers want to do their work for real and limiting their dependance on digital effects. For this, we commend them and honor those films with our awesome list!