10 Movie Moments Where Actors Weren't Acting Part 2


Movies are magic. From the effects to the stunts and performances, it’s all make believe right? Well as it turns out it’s not all fake.

Sometimes, actors are genuinely reacting. Crazy right?

We know that acting is a wonderful craft, and there are some wonderfully gifted actors out there who make us really believe the characters and moments they are living. But as we know, there are some moments that are genuinely happening and some of those great reactions you see on screen are actually real.

Get ready fam, because today we are back with more movie moments where actors weren’t really acting.

Just like in a couple of Tarantino’s films. Inglourious Basterds involved actress Diane Kruger getting choked out, for real. Django Unchained had Leonardo DiCaprio slamming his hand on the table and cutting it on the glass. It was all real and he kept going until he finished the scene. Now that’s dedication.

Did you know that the kids did not see Pennywise until the filmed the creepy projector scene in It?

And you won’t believe what happened in the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Want to know what else made our list? Be sure to check out our video and find out.