10 Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Delete


When we watch movies we're just want to escape into another life, another world or forget about your problems from a few hours-or even better, your boss. If it’s the latter then Mike Judge's "Office Space" should cheer you up. For the rest of us, does movie magic works its charm on you or is it buttery goop is that's on your popcorn affecting your senses? Something equally golden is

cinema's long and shimmering history and in it's glorious run have given us unmeasured hours of viewing enjoyment. Maybe you even cried silently in the dark? We’re not judging, so cheer-up! We have some of the best blooper comedy gold that were too good not to be cut from the film! In some movies, the actors may have accidentally slipped in character but we're 98% sure that no banana peels were involved. Slapstick or not, a great performer can weave magic in what otherwise would be a lost opportunity to get a little extra something special from a film. If you’ve ever seen a Jackie Chan movie you’ll know that blooper reels were commonly show during the movie credits back in the seventies and eighties. Something that is regaining favour among a new generation of filmmakers like Seth Rogan and movies like Anchor Man and Monsters Inc. If you’re making a comedy film you might as well share that extra Fool’s Gold with the audience because sometimes these are the best parts of the film. Whether it’s in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Indiana Jones, Zoolander or even Lord of the Rings, these moments proved to be essential material for the final cut. Candid glimpses of your favorite actors or droids flipping the script on their co-stars or just trying to stand upright. Keep watching to see for yourself.