10 Movie Bloopers That Made It To The Final Cut


Even the most intense and dramatic movies can’t keep actors from goofing around, which means plenty of blooper reels and blown takes for fans to enjoy during the credits, or as a bonus on home video. But sometimes, a spur-of-the-moment decision, mistake, or even injury can be too good to cut out of the movie.

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s western Django Unchained was one of the few movies to put Leonardo DiCaprio in a supporting role, but the actor found a surprising way to prove he’s always a superstar. During the movie’s climactic dinner scene, Calvin Candie’s anger explodes in smashed bone, glass – and blood. The injury was completely unplanned, with the other actors clearly stunned as the director and DiCaprio kept on rolling. You can even watch as the actor picks the glass from his hand once his speech is over. Hopefully, the blood smeared on his co-star Kerry Washington wasn’t quite as real.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

When Indiana Jones attempts to ambush a group of Nazis with his leading lady held prisoner in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the movie’s villain Belloq takes part in a surprise cameo. A fly suddenly appearing on an actor’s face can usually ruin a take, but the bug disappearing into his mouth implies something... much worse. According to actor Paul Freeman, the effects team thought it would be funnier to erase the fly’s escape, turning what could have been a blown take into an infamous moment that’s impossible to miss.

Midnight Cowboy

Quite possibly the most famous blooper in movie history, Ratso Rizzo’s catchphrase in Midnight Cowboy was completely unplanned. As the crew secretly filmed actors Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voigt on a New York street, a taxi nearly slammed into the pair of them. The actors maintain it was completely unplanned, but as Voigt watched on in surprise, Hoffman turned the mistake into not just the most well-known scene in the movie, but a line that would become even more well-known and iconic than he could ever have guessed.

The Lord of The Rings

When Gandalf first arrives to visit Bilbo in Bag End in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, he shows how hard it can be to move through a miniature home. Actor Ian McKellen’s fumbling with the chandelier was planned, but his sudden slam into a doorframe wasn’t. His surprised shout and laugh were too good to leave out, and Peter Jackson left the mistake in the finished film.

Blade Runner

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi detective story Blade Runner (adapted from Philip K. Dick's original story) made actress Daryl Hannah an up-and-coming star overnight, but her dedication to the role went beyond acting. When her character is introduced, she panics, running off and smashing the window of a parked van. The stunt wasn’t planned, meaning Hannah simply slammed into the van with enough force to shatter the very real glass – and her elbow along with it. She remained in character, making sure the mistake wound up in the original film – and she wound up in surgery herself.

Rain Man

Stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were at the top of their game in this tale of dysfunctional brothers, but some unintended moments were to thank for one of its most famous scenes. When the pair are squeezed into a phone booth, Hoffman’s character takes things from bad to worse, passing some gas in the cramped space. But Hoffman wasn’t making it up, simply giving his co-star a heads-up on his flatulence. Cruise took the cue to stay in character, and the rest is history.

Back to the Future Part 2

The hover boards may have become the runaway stars of the Back to the Future series, but the futuristic gadgets also led to one of the trilogy’s most disastrous stunts. When Biff’s gang tries to take out Marty in 2015, they wind up smashing through a courthouse window. The risky stunt called for all three actors to fly through the glass before dropping safely below, but an error sent stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon slamming into a pillar instead. With the timing thrown off, she was dropped thirty feet onto the stone below. She survived the fall, but sustained serious injuries. Even more shocking? The stunt was only performed once, meaning her fall can actually be seen in the finished film, thankfully cutting away a split second before impact.


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