10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels


Franchises are a major part of Hollywood’s DNA, with several high-profile sequels coming out every year. Some audiences may wish for the studios produce more original content, but everyone has a favorite film series they enjoy visiting over and over again. However, there are instances where a movie shows the potential to spawn a full franchise, only for the follow-ups to never come into fruition. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Most Wanted Movie Sequels.


With Star Wars set to be a major player in the industry once more, it’s the perfect time to bring back Mel Brooks’ classic spoof. Unlike certain filmmakers in this genre, Brooks understood how to make a spoof hilarious, populating his film with memorable characters like Dark Helmet and Yogurt, quotable lines of dialogue, and a multitude of funny jokes. Thanks to movies like Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, modern audiences view spoofs in a negative light, but Brooks could easily revitalize interest by poking fun at the new Star Wars films and the many sci-fi classics that have come out since the original with his strong comedic sensibilities. May the Schwartz be with us.


The Man Without Fear looked to capitalize on the blossoming popularity of superhero movies in 2003 with a film adaptation starring new Batman Ben Affleck, but the critical and audience reception was a major roadblock in getting any sequels made. Fox even attempted to organize a reboot a few times, but nothing ever came into fruition, which is a shame because the Daredevil world is so rich and full of fascinating characters that make for a good watch. With the Netflix series showing that it is possible to get the hero “right” on-screen, maybe Matt Murdock will be making a return to the theaters in the near future.


Even though it was just a standalone film, Christopher Nolan’s dream-based heist thriller certainly set up an interesting world with unique concepts that seemed ripe for sequel opportunities. The nature of the job for an extractor even makes it easy to justify follow-ups, since each installment could follow a band of high-class criminals as they move on various targets. Yes, Cobb did say that Inception was his “last job,” but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood before – and even if it did, we’d settle for a prequel detailing Cobb and Mal’s relationship before her death. We’re willing to bet a few moviegoers would as well.


As Warner Bros. looks to expand their shared DC cinematic universe, one project looking to get off the ground is Justice League Dark, which would be great news for this character. Though both the 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves and the recent NBC TV show never took off, Constantine is still a fan-favorite amongst the comic book crowd and has a deep enough mythology to warrant a full franchise of big screen adventures. With 300 comics in publication and a plethora of supernatural villains to do battle with, the expansive world of Constantine should be explored at least a couple more times.

Fight Club

Based on its ending, you’d think there’d be no threads to pick up in a Fight Club 2, as the Narrator and Marla seemed ready to move on to the next stage in life. However, that very premise has the potential to make for a very interesting film and is already coming into fruition thanks to a comic book series from the book’s author Chuck Palahniuk. Told from the prospective of Tyler Durden yearning to be unleashed, it centers on the Narrator trying to adjust to married life with Marla and dealing with middle-aged suburban boredom. Not the most original concept, but with the talented cast and memorable characters back at it, many fans would happily sign up for another go-around.