10 Most Paused Disney Movie Moments


What’s the best part about being able to watch a movie at home? Besides access to unlimited snacks in your kitchen and the ability to go to the bathroom without having to miss anything. You guessed it! You can pause the movie!

We don’t think your fellow audience members at the multiplex would appreciate you standing up, asking to hold the movie for a second, and then you run out for a break. We are pretty sure someone might throw a slushie at you on your way out. Being at home on the couch has its advantages of seeing a movie in the theater. One of the advantages of having pausing power is being able to stop the movie and take a closer look. Sometimes you miss something and you want to go back over it. Other times you pause the movie because you can’t believe what your eyes are seeing! If you didn’t pause Finding Nemo, would you have found that Buzz Lightyear in the background?

Walt Disney movies are notorious for having moments that should be paused. Sometimes animators sneak in a secret message to another film in the Disney franchise, like with Aladdin and Lilo and Stitch. We love a good Easter Egg here at CBR- like the Beauty and the Beast hidden in Tarzan. There are also we can’t believe what we are seeing moments, like the misplaced toy in Peter Pan’s shadow.

Sit back with the remote and get ready to freeze your favorite Disney films, because you won’t believe what we have found.