10 Most Hilarious Marvel Movie Moments Of All Time


One thing Marvel has done constantly over the years is make us laugh. It’s no coincidence that the MCU’s poster child is king of one-liners Tony Stark, and they’ve kept the comedy coming with characters like Peter Quill and Scott Lang, but the record shattering Deadpool proved that Fox is no slouch in the joke department either.

Here are the Most Hilarious Marvel Movie Moments So Far

Deadpool opening credits

The opening minutes of Deadpool quickly establish that this is going to be a superhero movie like no other. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the film itself by being self reflexive, visually impressive, and hilarious. It acknowledges the archetypes the film will include in the least archetypical way with credits like “God’s Perfect Idiot” standing in for Ryan Reynolds and “An Overpaid Tool” for director Tim Miller. A moment frozen in time, the picture speaking a thousand words as Deadpool tea bags one goon and gives another a wedgie while the SUV they’re all in rolls down the highway. The only question remaining is: who carries a Green Lantern trading card in their wallet?

Ant Man “Baskin Robbins always finds out.”

Comedian Gregg Turkington was best known for his stage alter ego Neil Hamburger before appearing in Ant-Man, now Marvel fanboys everywhere recognize him as Baskin Robbins’ chill but firm manager. He only appeared in one scene, but Scott Lang’s firing is one of the best in Ant Man, as Turkington expresses equal parts approval and indifference while laying off Lang for the “cool” crimes he lied about to get hired. Friend and fellow ex con Luis should have warned him

Avengers - Captain America

Whedon really was in his comedic element when finding ways to make the Avengers interact for the first time, he even managed to make Captain American funny. With Stark throwing around pop culture references covering everything from Point Break to Rock of Ages, the man out of time can barely contain his excitement when Fury makes a pre World War II reference.

Fury was of course referring to the flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz. While we see him catching up on pop culture in The Winter Soldier, he still has a ways to go when it comes to technology.

X Men: Days of Future Past Quicksilver’s run

If there’s one X Men member who has the time and good sense to stop and smell the roses, it’s Quicksilver. Like the Deadpool opening credits, Quicksilver’s run in Days of Future Past isn’t just great on a technical level, but also shows off the new character’s devil may care attitude. As the bullets fly towards his allies, Quicksilver takes a moment to taste some soup, borrow a guard’s hat and partake in several other funny bits of business before deciding it’s time to see where those bullets are at. And in case you didn’t already realize Quicksilver had a great sense of humour, they threw a wedgie in for good measure.

Iron Man 3 -The Mandarin reveal

Say what you will about Shane Black and Iron Man 3 quote unquote ‘ruining’ what many fans consider to be Stark’s number one nemesis, Ben Kingsley acted the hell out of that part. He was sufficiently menacing as the Mandarin in the propaganda videos, but it’s the Trevor Slattery reveal where the comic gold lies. As a washed up English thespian whose King Lear was once the King of Croydon, Kingsley creates numerous droll asides in his few minutes of screen time. He clearly had a lot of fun with the role, which is why he came back for more laughs in the Marvel short All Hail The King.

Avengers Shawarma

Fans who weren’t satisfied with just at the Thanos tease at the end of Avengers and stayed until the very end for the second cut scene were rewarded with one of the best pieces of comedy to come out of the MCU. The gang sitting around eating shawarma too tired to speak is a familiar scene to anyone who’s ever grabbed a bite with friends after a night of drinking. In this case the heroes weren’t hungover from consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol, just exhausted from saving New York City from an alien invasion. The scene was an afterthought, shot after the cast and crew reunited for the premiere. Chris Evans had to wear a prosthetic on his face to cover the beard he was sporting for his Snowpiercer role. It was a brilliant move by Joss Whedon, as the 30 seconds of silence provided one of MCU’s most memorable and now iconic scenes.