10 Most Brutal Injuries The Hulk Has Survived


On the low end when he was grey, it was around Class 70 (able to lift/press 70 tons), but when he was mean and green his strength was Class 100. Although Superman was originally able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Hulk can jump several miles in one stride. Hulk also has some weird powers too, such as being able to see astral projections and the innate ability to return to the site of the Gamma Bomb explosion that birthed him. As strong as he is, arguably his greatest strength is his resilience, because the Incredible One has taken a crazy amount of punishment over the decades and lived to tell the tale.

Superheroes get punched all the time, but how many people have been punched into outer space? How many heroes have fought literal Gods or been turned into stone? If you thought Wolverine had an amazing healing factor, wait until you see what Hulk has lived through, and then you’ll really find out why he’s referred to as “incredible.

There is so many injuries he has sustained and we will be covering a lot here. The time he was eaten alive by cockroaches. The moment he was gutted by Wolverine and survived. The Hulk has even been shot in the head and had his neck snapped in half and still survived. He has even survived the scream of the Black Bolt straight to the face. A scream which should be able to devastate a galaxy when just a single word can destroy a planet. But what is the most brutal injury ever? Could it be his first major injury ever?