10 Mistakes Disney Does Not Want You To See


There are always going to be mistakes in animated movies. Check out these Disney movies that have some in them. In Beauty and the Beast, Belle has an apron on at one moment, then it’s off, then it’s back on again. In The Lion King, Timon has his back to some Hyena’s and as he turns around he magically has a lei, grass skirt, and a flower on his head. Quite the trick. In Toy Story 2 when Woody is getting cleaned to go to the museum his foot is painted and Andy’s name is gone. Later in the movie he scratches this off but “Andy” is now upside down. At the end of Hercules, all of the gods are excited for him and cheering. Especially Hermes who is seen throwing red roses. However, one of the flowers Phil catches is somehow yellow. During the fight with the robot at the end of the Incredibles, Elastigirl gets her hands on the remote used by Frozone. She tries to stop it by pushing a button which stops the rocket arm Mr. Incredible is holding. She pushes to start it again but this time using a different button. Flynn Rider in Tangled cuts Rapunzel’s hair in the end of the movie with a shackled hand. Right before this we see his hand wasn’t shackled. In Wreck-It Ralph at the end of the movie when the game gets reset, we still see a part of King Candy left behind. In Inside Out, the first night in her new room the jar is ajar, but her mom comes in moments later and has to open the door. On coronation day in Frozen Princess Anna jumps on a couch we don’t see and leaps in the air. Judy in Zootopia gets stuck in wet concrete as Nick Wilde is walking away and somehow shifts her position. Well, have you seen any of these mistakes before?