10 Mind-Blowing Early Roles of Famous Actors


Have you ever wonder how the biggest movie stars started in the Hollywood business? Even the greatest actors and actresses had to start somewhere. You should not be that surprised that even famous movie stars like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence started as extras on popular television shows.

When you want to be a famous actor, there are a lot of roles you are willing to do to get your name and face out there. That’s why some celebrities might dread the day when a late night TV host reveals their past work on television. Because some of the earliest roles of the most talented and successful actors might not be their best work.

Every movie star started from the bottom and for these actors, it might mean working in many roles no matter how small they were. Not everyone can have an amazing role fallen into their laps. That’s why many famous actors today have worked hard to get to where they are. Even if it means to do a lot of supporting roles before getting there.

Take a look at some of the biggest movie stars’ early roles before making it to the blockbuster movies. Who are your favorite movie stars shown in the video?