10 Marvel Superheroes Who Turned Into Villains


Superheroes have a lot of bad days. It’s to be expected; a bunch of evil people with superpowers hate them, and they spend a lot of their time trying not to die. But, it’s how they deal with those bad days that keep them from crossing over to the dark side. Hey, Luke Skywalker found a way to stay with the light side of the force even after, spoiler, getting his hand chopped off by his dad. So what’s with all of the Marvel characters turning evil? We can give some of them a break. After all, a few of them had no choice. Spider-Man was taken over by a symbiote, Jean Grey was possessed by the Phoenix Force, Scarlet Witch was infected with an evil entity, Wolverine and Angel were controlled by Apocalypse, and Iron Man was controlled by Immortus. They were all doing some unspeakable, evil things, but we’ll give them a pass. However, some of these names get no sympathy. Colossus chose to leave and the fight against the X-Men, Reed Richards snapped after leaving the Fantastic Four, Cyclops made a plethora of questionable decisions before going off the deep end, and the Hulk got extremely power hungry, as if he didn’t have enough power. So you will find that most of these heroes were turned into villains temporarily, but you will be shocked at which heroes remained evil. Don’t forget to tell us about any heroes we missed in the comments!