10 Marvel Superheroes Who Could Defeat Thanos Single Handedly


After taking on the likes of Loki, Ultron, and Ronan, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be facing their biggest challenge yet in the form of Thanos. With incredible superpowers and the use of the infinity gauntlet, Thanos is one of the toughest villains to ever grace the pages of a comic book or appear on the big screen. While there will be dozens of heroes to take him on, many could defeat him all on their own.

Drax the Destroyer is one of the strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the comics he defeated Thanos by literally ripping out his heart and could do the same in a cinematic battle. Wolverine could make an appearance to defeat Thanos by focusing on the powerful Infinity Gauntlet. Thor and his father Odin both have the powers and ability to take Thanos down. The Incredible Hulk has challenged Thanos numerous times, but it was zombie Hulk who actually destroyed him. Deadpool may seem like an unlikely choice, but he was able to easily defeat Thanos in the comic books. Phoenix Force Jean Grey is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and Thanos would be no match for her. Squirrel Girl may be one of the more unique Marvel heroes, but she has proven she has what it takes to defeat Thanos. She actually defeated him without any help at all. Watch to see these heroes in action and learn how they could really help the MCU by defeating Thanos once and for all.