10 Marvel Superheroes That NEED Lego Movies


Lego Batman just hit Blu Ray and digital not too long ago. The film was a solid success that a superhero tale can work amazingly well when done in Lego format. All the jokes that played on genre and character expectations were always a laugh. But there are plenty of other superheroes out there who’d love to get the brick and some of those heroes come from Marvel’s camp. So we’re listing the best candidates for a Marvel inspired Lego film! There are so many options to chose from, but we had to go with some of the big ones. Like Thor and Hulk, both of whom are sharing the screen together in 2017 with Ragnarok, but are also both deserving of their own solo films. Planet Hulk Lego anyone? Guardians of the Galaxy proved to be quite the funny film, which means a Lego themed Guardians film would be even funnier. Which we’re totally okay with. Spider Man enjoyed big success in 2017 with the release of Homecoming, so why not give him and the Sinister Six a chance to collide on the big screen in Lego form? Black Widow is also a fan favorite in the MCU but she doesn’t seem to be on the fast track to be getting her own movie. So while we wait for that one to happen, why not give the Widow her own movie in the form of a Lego themed version? Captain America and Iron Man may be at odds right now, but each one is also deserving to grace the big screen in Lego form, whether it’s to show off one’s personality to the max, or to step away from the political thrillers of Winter Soldier and Civil War.