10 Marvel Plot Points So Big, Even Two Hulks Can’t Fill Them


The Marvel films have proved to be some of the most successful and popular films in recent memory. They’ve broken box office records and have helped make comic book fandom popular among the masses. But despite the financial power backing up these mega blockbusters, one might notice a few discrepancies. Which is inevitable when the producers are making one cinematic universe spread over multiple films, but in doing so, have created some glaring plot holes that are unforgettable once you know they’re there. Here are screenrant’s 10 marvel plot points so big, even two hulks can’t fill them. Don’t forget to swing your Asgardian hammer over to the like and subscribe buttons to stay up to date on everything screenrant! Can you guess the film that goes with these emojis? Stay tune for the answer! It goes without saying, but spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the Marvel films.