10 Marvel Characters Hollywood Could Never Get Right


It's either to your joy or chagrin that Hollywood takes a lot of license with its movie characters and when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe the alterations boil down to a few reasons. Often revisionist studio heads, directors and writers are guilty of this, whether it's a flight of fancy that results in a super-duper makeover, or if it's laying down the framework for title crossovers in this ever expanding Universe. Let's face it, there are more moving parts in play here than in the anatomy of a Transformer. So what were some of the off putting Hollywood character snags that bunged up the gears and should have causes movie projectors explode at premiers? That is if these transitioned characters make it to the screen at all. A superhero or villain don't like being laughed at, it usually makes them angry and you wouldn't like them angry. But the question is does this practice make you furious, messing around with your sacred comic characters. Did the current Guardians of the Galaxy tick you off because they aren't the original nineteen sixty nine line up? Take a chill pill because the seminal group have already been shown in a post credit scene of Volume two but others have not fared so well. Wanna know more about what in the heck they were thinking painting the Rhino, in Spider-Man 2 with the Paul Giamatti brush? Giamatti's an accomplished performer but Rhino's not the best choice. Or how about Jamie Foxx's CGI role as Electro in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Jiminy Christmas!