10 Marvel and Disney Crossovers You Would Love To See


Disney was as much a part of our childhood as Marvel comic books were. Disney created iconic characters who taught us about family, growing pains, life, and magic. The Marvel comic books taught us about magic, friendships, loyalty, and finding power within ourselves. So how about these two worlds merge together?

Have you ever imagined what a hilarious and dangerous duo Rocket Raccoon of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Stitch of “Lilo and Stitch” would make? They would be almost as great and the swinging duo, Rapunzel and Spider-Man.

How about the tragically misunderstood villains with hearts of gold, Maleficent and Magneto? They would find solace in each other just like the mutants Scarlet Witch and Elsa, who would find solidarity in one another and ease their fears of their powers. Maybe they would train with the X-Men and the Incredibles. We would love to see Merida and Hawkeye go toe to toe and see who the best archer is, while giving each other tips of course.

One of the most fun crossovers would be Deadpool and Jack Skellington. Can you imagine the spontaneous songs they would sing together?

Ant-Man and Flik makes perfect sense, there’s no way Ant-Man would ever let Flik and his colony be in danger. We would also love to see Captain Marvel and Eve team up to protect Earth or Aladdin and Doctor Strange and their trusty fabric companions learn about magic. Want to hear more about these? Watch our video, 10 Marvel and Disney Crossovers You Would Love To See.