10 Logan Post Credit Scenes That We All Wanted


Most people agree Logan was a great movie, a touching and gory closure on Hugh Jackman’s 17-year career playing the angry, hairy Canadian mutant. It’s R-Rating let the (beep)’s fly and the blood splatter, and it’s final moments left the audince in tears. Especially when Wolverine killed that little girl… wait… that’s not what happened, but if you haven't seen the movie, like this video and come back later because we’re going to spoil the living (beep) outta Logan. One thing Logan didn’t have was a mid or post credit scene. A tease for a future film or an Easter Egg for fans. The director said the somber tone didn’t seem appropriate to have one, but that doesn’t matter when you can’t get enough of superhero goodness. Here are 10 Logan Post Credit Scenes That We All Wanted.