10 Lies You Were Told About Pixars Cars


Lightning McQueen, the red-painted, blazing fast hero of so many childhoods, is an undeniable compelling character. The older audiences won’t miss the reference to Steve McQueen in his flamboyant, showman-like nature. Pixar’s Cars is one of those films that revolutionized how we see animation, whether it was in the way the environments reflected off the chassis as Lightning raced by or in the way a seemingly solid steel body moved in an acceptable facsimile of humanity. But despite how much of a Pixar fan you may be, there are certain things you don’t realize about the film. You likely already know of Pixar’s overarching connected universe theory, but Cars takes things even deeper than that.

Aside from the lies you may already believe, here is a list of ten you need to be aware of. Did you realize that the Cars actually age? Or that many of the real-world events we learn about in history books are implied to have happened in the Cars universe? When you take the time to think about what certain things mean -- like the existence of a World War II sergeant in the Cars universe -- then the film gets really dark, really fast. Darker, perhaps, than any other Pixar film that came before (or after.)

We’ve spent a lot of time searching for the truth of the Cars universe, and what we’ve found will shock you, unnerve you, and make you rethink everything you thought you knew. Check it out and tell us what you think.