10 Lies You Were Told About Guardians of the Galaxy


If you keep the company of scoundrels, then don't cry to me when one of your 500 fibs ends up catching up to you-we got enough to worry about with the aliens and space battles! Just ask Obi Wan, he'll tell ya, "that you'll never find such a wretched hive of scum and villainy." But then he was referring to Mos Eisley. Mos Isley is a hole! What did you expect from a outer rim space port? In another Universe, known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'll find the Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm sure that you already know that the original GOTG comic appearance predates Star Wars Episode Four by eight years, issued in nineteen sixty nine and they weren't the same characters that we know today. You didn't? Ok, fair enough. We all know though that characters need ample time to mature to perfection or imperfection, depending who you're talking about. Rocket! I'm looking at you! You seething, ruthless space rat! In the case of staying true from comic to film somethings slip through the cracks or are thrown out with the kitchen sink. It's here that in the fog of make-believe war truth is the first casualty. Whether you're thumbing through the 1969 Team or sitting in the dark, your face agape as Groot and Rocket Racoon blow something else up you might not even care. It's all freakin' entertaining but for all intensive purposes let's buckle up, barrel roll into the heart of this matter and try to parse or more aptly, obliterate these lies that have been peddled to us! Bonazi!!