10 Lies You Were Told About Disney


Being a Disney fan, chances are that you have heard many crazy rumors involving the magical animator Walt Disney and his empire.

Is Beauty and the Beast really about Stockholm syndrome? This rumor has been perpetuated to no end. We think Belle is fiercely independent and makes her own choices.

Was Walt Disney cryogenically frozen, and was he really buried underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? He wasn’t even alive when the ride opened.

Was Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell based off of Marilyn Monroe? Although they are both blonde and curvy, the answer is no. But who is Tink really based off of?

No one can be declared dead on Disney property? This is a total lie, not even the all powerful Disney has that power.

What ever happened to the Skyway at Disneyland? It was shut down because someone fell? Nope, it was too costly to keep up.

Donald Duck was banned because he doesn’t wear pants and the seven dwarves represent the symptoms of cocaine use? How is this even possible? Donald Duck was actually more popular in Finland than in the U.S. and the seven dwarves already existed.

There were also rumors that Walt was anti-Semite and that he left instructional videos on what he wanted to do with Disney corp after he died. Walt was friends with many Jewish people and those rumors were definitely not true. Disney corp didn’t do too well after Walt’s death, so there was no tapes but they sure wish they had them. Club 21 is an even more exclusive place than Club 33? Wrong, there’s no such thing.

We’ve dug deep for our research and we’ve compiled a fun video of myths and lies that you guys will love. Prepare for some truth shattering and myth busting facts in this one!