10 lies you were told about despicable me


In 2010, the Despicable Me franchise catapulted to international success. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a reference or a minion. Can you even remember a time when minions weren’t a part of your life? We can’t! In 2013 the franchise followed up with Despicable Me 2. If you thought the film was successful in 2010, the second film managed to create an even bigger imprint on our minds and hearts. It could have something to do with those little yellow minion dudes like Kevin. It is clear there is something unique and special about these minionese speaking, banana loving henchmen. Did you know their language isn’t as fake as it sounds?

This June the third Despicable Me film is coming out. Are you excited as we are to see Gru, Lucy, Agnes, Edith, and Margo again? With the release of the newest film, we realized that even after seven years we still don’t know everything we should. After all, can you really trust a semi-reformed villain to tell you the truth? It’s called Despicable Me, after all.

We thought we knew Gru, but it turns out he has a twin brother Dru! Even though he says he doesn’t do harmful stuff anymore, it looks like that isn’t entirely true. Don’t even get us started on the minions. How many of them are there really? Is each minion unique or is there a pattern? Don’t even get us started on all the hidden real-world references and Lucy’s cell phone number.

Just like Gru, Despicable Me has a lot of secrets that need uncovering to turn them to the truth side.