10 Lies You Were Told About Captain Jack Sparrow


Contrary to popular belief our favorite pirate wasn’t actually a pirate all along and in fact obtained his famous letter “P” burn mark from his very first enemy, Culler Beckett--he also secures his first pirate ship because of the man though! Without Culler Beckett Jack Sparrow may have never became the pirate we know and love. It was also circulating that fans believed Jack Sparrow should have been cursed with his crew when they finally obtained the cursed Aztec gold. The true curse stated that any mortal who touched the gold pieces would be cursed until the 882 pieces were put back into the chest and a blood sacrifice was delivered. Although, there must have been a plot hole here since both Will and Elizabeth touched the gold but never suffered from the curse. Tortuga wasn’t just a made-up island for the Pirates of the Caribbean film and it was in fact where the original Pirate Code was formed! Historically, it was also a place where ships were allowed to travel safely to no matter what the nationality was. Although, the cost was the crew would have to attack any Spanish fleets that were nearby. Jack Sparrow has a knack for getting into trouble, but then again he has a gift of making enemies with the wrong people. Especially when his enemies come back from the dead to not just metaphorically haunt him but quite literally do so. Jack Sparrow was truly part of a brotherhood that existed before the idea of Pirates of the Caribbean was even contemplated known as the Brethren of the Coast. Very few actors can say that they fit their characters perfectly without much effort, but we definitely get the sense that Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow were a match made in heaven! It doesn’t hurt that they both prove to their friends time and again they have a heart of gold. There’s also the mysterious mother of Jack Sparrow that we still have to wonder about--we’re wondering if we’ll ever get any answers about this major plot hole. If not, we do know one thing’s for sure Jack Sparrow chases freedom from one disaster to the next and truly believes that the Black Pearl is synonymous with freedom.