10 Incredible Hulk Superpowers The MCU Keeps Hidden!


The Hulk is just more than his physical strength and he has some interesting powers that not a lot of people know about.

For example, he is able to leap miles in a single bound and can reach the earth’s atmosphere. His skin is very dense and can take a beating from most artillery. It is even less penetrable when he gets angrier. His thunderclap is a cool power that can deafen people, put out fires, and knock people over. This power is featured in The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. The Hulk has remarkable healing abilities said to be even better than Wolverine’s which is saying a lot. The Hulk learned he could create more Hulks by giving a blood transfusion to those who shared his DNA. He turned his cousin Jennifer into She-Hulk. Being so adaptable, the Hulk is also able to survive in outer space. Since his legs are so strong the Hulk also has superhuman speed but can’t run for very long because his strength eventually breaks the ground. Bruce is able to see ghosts/astral forms and is one of the only ones that can see Dr. Steven Strange in his astral form. Since he has so many personalities residing inside himself, the Hulk is impervious to mind control. His cells regenerate at a fast rate and given he is immune to viruses and diseases the Hulk has a prolonged lifespan compared to others.

Well, what did you think of these Hulk powers that he possesses? Did you know he can do all of these things?