10 Inappropriate Scenes In Disney Movies


Inside Out

Since the movie takes place inside the mind of a preteen girl, Inside Out is a fairly innocent story about leaving childhood behind as a family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. But the writers couldn't resist making one tiny joke given the city's famous history in the gay rights movement. When the emotions run wild upon seeing their new house, Fear wonders if deadly bears live in the city, with Anger claiming to have seen one already. The line is meaningless to kids, but adults will realize the term is typically used in the gay community to describe large, hairy men. Anger had no idea.

Aladdin: King of Thieves

There are plenty of Disney fans who name Aladdin as their favorite, so the two straight to home video sequels that followed were no surprise. But apparently, the studio figured nobody was paying attending by the third in the series. So when Aladdin and princess Jasmine are finally set to get married, a sudden attack on the castle gives Genie the opportunity for one of his signature one-liners. Making a sex joke about the young couple wasn't too inappropriate, but it shows just how much can slip by unnoticed when you talk as fast as Robin Williams.

The Emperor's New Groove

Not every crude joke is without some clever humor - and sometimes, the best gags don't even have to be called out to get fans laughing. The Emperor's New Groove saw Kronk out camping in an extremely small tent. When audiences realize they're watching as he "pitches a tent" confined to his crotch, they may realize that half of Disney's humor may have gone by completely unnoticed. But that might be for the best.


We know, there's no way Disney's heartwarming, billion dollar tale of sisterly love had anything crude, right? When Anna first joins forces with Kristof, he's less than supportive about her marrying a man she just met, proving it's a bad move by quizzing her about Hans, including his foot size. It's a safe bet the women in the audience gave the line a giggle, since it's an obvious play on the idea that "size doesn't matter" when it comes to a man's... equipment.


Disney's version of the classical Greek hero took a different approach to designing Mythical creatures, and the Centaur stands out as a particularly odd one. Not only does the creatures entire head seem modeled after a part of the male anatomy, but when Hercules sends the beast skyward, he lands hard - resulting in a massive bruise swelling off the top of his head. If the suggestive shape of his skull passed any viewers by, his knobby brow and massive lump show that Disney's animators can still be as immature as their audience.


When Linguini is finally forced to admit that it's his pet rat who is cooking award-winning food, and not him, it's his hopeful romance Colette that he lets in on the secret. But when trying to explain the tiny little truth he's hiding, it's impossible to miss Colette's grimace, and quick glance below Linguini's waist. It's a joke aimed squarely at the older fans, and is just subtle enough to sneak by without offending anyone.


That's right, even back in 1942 Disney was slipping some sly adult humor into family entertainment. Although Bambi is the star of the show, his good friend Flower the skunk is just as memorable. When Flower first runs into Bluebelle, the pair share a kiss that renders him completely frozen. It's a cute and harmless joke, but once people realized a kiss made Flower flush with blood and grow as stiff as a board, it was obvious the animators were implying something that kids hopefully wouldn't ask any questions about.