10 Inappropriate Scenes in Disney Films


Disney has spent years delivering top-notch entertainment for children, but there’s plenty for parents to enjoy as well. Along with broad humors and pop-culture references, Disney animators have found multiple ways to sneak in inappropriate jokes to a number of their films.

In Toy Story 3, we learn a little TOO much about the relationship that MR. and Mrs. Potato Head have. In Hercules, the hero goes up against many monsters including a very odd-looking centaur. In Ratatouille, there are multiple references to a male’s private area even though the animators try to be subtle about it. Bambi may be one of Disney’s oldest films, but it still featured a joke that only older audiences would process. Cars featured not one, but two jokes about the female anatomy and the way the vehicle universe views different things. This includes a flashing joke early on in the film and another joke referring to topless cars at a truck stop. Inside Out takes place in San Francisco and features a joke about the city’s gay community. Robin Williams returned for Aladdin and The King Thieves to deliver some great one-liners and a joke that probably went out kids heads. The Emperor’s New Groove takes a pun about the male body to a literal sense with a quick scene and visual gag. Frozen features some funny banter between Anna and Kristoff that eventually leads to a pretty risque foot size question. Watch to see all of these inappropriate scenes and judge them for yourself!