10 Huge Moments In Marvel Movies That Changed The MCU


One of the biggest criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is its reluctance to add any lasting consequence to any event in it’s movie. While Iron Man 3 tries very hard to build up Tony Stark’s personal demons, and his ultimate letting go of his constant suits, we can see clearly in Spider-Man Homecoming that he just rebuilt them all anyway – rendering his character development in his third movie outing, pointless.

The MCU has done this many times. So today we’re going to try and really focus on moments in the Marvel Movies that actually stuck. While the MCU does tend to maintain a status quo, we’re going to look at those moments that really did have an impact and change the MCU. With the death of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 2 pointing to meaningful character deaths and development, we can hopefully expect to see the MCU focussing less on keeping characters alive for toy sales, and more on building up the world of Marvel.

Marvel have hidden lots of little details in their movies that are hinting at some bigger changes. Such as their One Shot, All Hail The King, which is heavily demonstrating that Iron Man’s arch enemy, The Mandarin not only exists for real but is alive and kicking. This could possibly set us up for an Iron Man 4 in the future. Not to mention the huge potential that Scarlet Witch, her potential boyfriend The Vision and Doctor Strange have when it comes to fighting Thanos alongside The Guardians of the Galaxy.