10 Horror Movie References Found In Animated Films


Horror movies and animated films are completely different genres, but this hasn’t stopped animators from including nods and references to films within their movies. If you watch closely, you can find all types of horror film references in some of your favorite films.

In the stop-motion animated film Flushed Away, Roddy owns a few horror films in his DVD collection, but he also comes face to face with a fisherman inspired by I Know What You Did Last Summer. In the horror film Paranorman, the animators placed two slasher references within just one scene. Both Toy Story and Toy Story 3 feature references to the classic film The Shining. The opening to Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters features a huge collection of horror icons and legends. In Aladdin, the Genie turns into an acting legend who appeared in numerous horror films. The 2000 animation film Monster Mash features a modern collection of horror monsters taking on some of the classics. Shrek 2 features a lot of popular film references including a great nod to the movie Alien. There are multiple Tiny Toon Adventures TV movies that feature horror characters like Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. Finding Nemo’s dentist office fish tank is eerily similar to one featured in Final Destination 2. The monsters in Monsters vs. Aliens are based off a number of classic films, but the opening to the movie also has a dedication to the classic horror film House of Wax. Watch these clips to see how your favorite horror movies are referenced and featured in children’s programming!