10 Hidden Star Wars Editing Mistakes You Never Noticed


Making a Star Wars movie is a demanding and pressure-filled task. There are millions of people carefully watching the film’s development, meaning it’s on the director and screenwriters to craft a compelling, entertaining story filled with memorable characters. They’re – justifiably – so concerned about getting the larger picture down pat, that sometimes they can’t catch the tiniest error while overseeing the final cut. Here are 10 Star Wars movie mistakes that slipped through editing.

The Falcon’s Rader Dish – A New Hope

The design of the Millennium Falcon is extremely iconic and well known across the globe, including its radar dish. Fans are so aware of that component that J.J. Abrams made sure to update it for The Force Awakens. But before the Falcon became a part of cinematic lore, the filmmakers weren’t too concerned with its overall look. When it’s first shown in the 1977 original, the radar dish is nowhere to be seen, magically appearing when the ship reaches space. No explanation is provided, and with all the alterations this movie has seen in the years since, it’s surprising George Lucas never fixed this.

Captain Antilles Returns from the Dead – A New Hope

Darth Vader is firmly established as an intimidating villain in his first few moments of screen time, particularly when he chokes and kills Captain Antilles with his bare hands. When the Rebel captain is dead, Vader tosses his body aside towards a wall. Though Antilles is supposed to be dead, the actor clearly raises his hands for protection as he makes impact. Conceivably, multiple takes of the scene were done, but this was the one that made the finished film. Maybe there was no way around it. It’s probably better for the actor to use his hands quickly than get a face full of wall.

Inverted Starship Controls – The Phantom Menace

When young Anakin stays in a fighter cockpit to stay safe from the fight, things don’t go according to plan and he ends up in a space battle with R2-D2. Once the autopilot is overwritten, he plays around with the controls to get a feel for his new ride. He tries to do a spin move, turning the steering mechanism to the left. But the vehicle spins to the right. This is particularly egregious since right before this sequence, Anakin turned the ship left by moving the steering mechanism in that direction. One of the moves is incorrect, an unintended question George Lucas never meant to pose.

Finn’s Disappearing Blaster – The Force Awakens

When landing on Takodana, Han Solo gives Finn a blaster for protection, which he carries with him at all times. He’s shown holding the blaster when Maz Kanata gives him Luke’s old lightsaber to give to Rey, but when the First Order bombs Maz’s castle, Finn remarks that he needs a weapon to defend himself, before learning that the lightsaber is a weapon. Since the blaster was on Finn at all times, it’s odd that it’s all of a sudden missing when he needs it the most, with no explanation provided for why it’s gone.

Boarding the Falcon’s Ramp – The Force Awakens

During their hectic escape from Jakku, Rey, Finn and BB-8 are left with no choice but to give the Millennium Falcon a shot and see if it will fly. When the trio approaches the ship, the come to the ramp from the right side of it. Yet, when the characters are shown boarding the Falcon, they’re coming from the left side of the ramp. Given that they were in a life-or-death situation, it seems odd they would run all the way around to get on their only option available. Chalk this one up to the dangers of splicing multiple takes.

Those are our picks for Star Wars movie mistakes that made it through editing. Are there any we missed? Which ones do you notice every time you journey to a galaxy far, far away? Sound off in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos like this one!