10 Hidden Signs That All Pixar Movies Are Related


It’s amazing what you notice when you keep your eyes peeled, like these 10 proofs that all Pixar movies are related. From particular vehicles, toys and phrases that show up in almost all Pixar films to theories about how every Pixar movie exists in the same universe, watch our video to have your eyes opened to lots of fun and surprising links between the films.

There are certain things that pop up in nearly every Pixar movie ever made. Like the Pizza Planet truck, the phrase A113 and the Luxo ball. These are fun Easter eggs that the animators have planted in various scenes; some so subtle you can hardly see them. But they’re there all right, and once they’ve been pointed out to you, you can’t help but notice them. The most intriguing of all is A113, and there’s a special reason why that turns up in various guises, from license plates to forbidden codes. It’s all to do with where the animators started their careers. It’s a sweet tribute once you discover the secret meaning behind it.

If you want to watch just one movie and impress your friends with your Pixar Easter egg spotting skills, then make it ‘Monsters, Inc.’ or ‘Up’. Disney actually released a video all about the Easter eggs in ‘Up’, and you’ll be able to see the references to lots of Pixar movies when you discover where to look. ‘Monsters, Inc.’ is really interesting too, because it links to movies that were not only released before it, but also movies that weren’t even out yet. There are lots of references to ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Toy Story 2’, both of which preceded it. But there’s also a link to ‘Finding Nemo’ and that movie didn’t come out until a couple of years afterwards.

These links backwards and forwards give weight to the theories that all Pixar movies exist in the same, pre-planned universe. Film critic Jon Negroni got so deep into researching The Pixar Theory (also known as The Grand Unifying Theory of Pixar Movies) he even published a book about it. He looked into how all of the Pixar movies tie together into one cohesive timeline with a main theme. It’s staggering to think that so many films could be so intricately linked. And the theory about which other Pixar character Boo from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ could be will have you dropping your jaw in shock.

Prepare to be amazed as you discover the stories behind 10 proofs all Pixar movies are related in our video, and let us know in comments which ones you spotted when watching the films.