10 Hidden Set Photos That Will Change That Way You See Movies


Whether we are talking about Star Wars, animated Disney movies, The Marvel Cinematic Universe or Oscar Winning motion pictures, we all love movies. Movies are some of the most amazing and magical things we ever get to see, but, just like magic, they aren’t real and as hard as filmmakers try to make us believe what we are seeing is the truth - we know better! Whether we are looking at a talking fox in Zootopia, a flying web slinging spider man or a light saber wielding Jedi - we know it's all an illusion. Film makers have developed lots of skills and tricks to make these illusions better such as CGI motion capture suits, impressive model sets and of course the infamous body doubles that look just like famous actors. It can be easy to get caught up in the cinematic magic of it all, but luckily there are some fun behind the scenes photos that do a great job of bringing us back to reality and showing us what our favorite movies really look like before the magic. While some of us may already be full fledged critics and too skeptical to believe in movie magic, we are sure there are some of us who need reminding that films aren’t always what they look like. Here are 10 hidden set photos that will change the way you see movies!