10 Hidden Messages In Kids Movies That Snuck By Parents


Kids’ movies aren’t solely for kids. There is always tons of adult humor and themes sprinkled throughout films. Today we’re going to look at some of these movies whose messages may have gotten past you.

The Wizard of Oz, although released in 1939, had allusions to 1890’s America and the farmers of the midwest. We’ll look at how the characters in The Brave Little Toaster may actually be lost souls searching for their way into heaven. Racial themes have come up in many movies and The Secret Life of Pets and Who Framed Roger Rabbit are no strangers to this. The Toons in Roger Rabbit live in their own separate part of town and their name resembles the outdated racial slang term, coons. Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets goes on a rant about how humans oppress animals and get rid of them after they’ve found their use for them. In The Incredibles we see an allegorical reference to Randian philosophy, especially when Mr. Incredible is seen holding the giant robot on his shoulders much like Atlas carrying the world. Could there be environmentalist propaganda in Dreamworks’ movie, Happy Feet. Well, the folks at Fox News definitely thought so and had some things to say about it. Coraline seemed to be a movie about mind control and abduction when Coraline meets the Other Mother and she tries to sew buttons on her eyes to obscure her reality. Could Elsa really be in the closet? Some fans tend to think so and are asking Disney to reveal this in the anticipated Frozen 2. Well, that’s all we have for you today.