10 Hidden Easter Eggs That Spoil Popular TV Shows


Watching TV shows week after week builds a lot of stories, characters, and plot twists that you never saw coming. If you’re an avid watcher, then you may notice hidden Easter eggs in past episodes that reveal huge plot points and moments no one expected.

On House of Cards, we knew how evil Frank Underwood could be, but there was a shocking moment when he pushed Zoe in front of the train. That moment was predicted in the episodes shortly before it happened. Pryce’s suicide came as a shock to many in Mad Men, but there were several clues that the hanging would occur. On American Horror Story: Coven, it was a huge twist when the coven leader was chosen, but the signs were there very early on. Buster loses his hand in the second season of Arrested Development, but there were numerous signs that it was about to get chomped off. In Season 4 of the X-Files, Sully finds out she has brain cancer, but fans may have picked up on the grim detail many episodes earlier. If Firefly were to continue airing, then we would have a major clue representing the future fate of Inara. In the pilot for Futurama, Fry is sent to the future by a mysterious creature and it gives away who it was almost instantly. While watching the Simpsons, you can piece together multiple clips from Hero McBain to form a short mini-movie. In every episode of Friends, the characters seem to get the couch in the cafe, but there may be a good reason for this that savvy fans have pointed out. Littlefinger often has words of wisdom on Game of Thrones, but there was one time where he predicted three deaths and exactly how they would happen. Enjoy watching and discovering all these Easter eggs!