10 Hidden Adult Jokes In Popular Disney Movies



The friendship between Aladdin and his Genie is one for the ages, and it's a safe bet that more than half of Robin Williams' jokes or references go over kids' heads. When you combine that comedy with the male leads, you wind up with Genie letting Aladdin know just how much he means to him - but making it clear that he only likes him... as a friend. We never would have even though about it, until now.


Pixar's tale of a world of cars has more dirty jokes buried within it than will probably ever be found, but not all of them are hidden - or polite. When Lightning McQueen comes across one of his racing heroes, he lets Mater know just how many Piston Cups he won in his career. Mater can't help but make a joke that isn't exactly clever - but it's definitely not suitable for kids.

The Lion King

Fans have been looking for hidden references in The Lion King for years, from words written floating in the air, to secret messages. But one of the most adult moments is so obvious, only an innocent child could miss it. When Simba is reunited with his childhood friend, Nala, romance isn't far behind. They start by wrestling like they did as kids, until Nala gives the hero a look that makes her real intentions painfully obvious to every adult in the room. Honestly, it's hard to believe the animators were never told to at least tone it down.


It's true that when people go looking for sinister or adult images or messages in Disney movies, they're willing to call almost anything cold, hard proof. But sometimes, it's hard to dismiss their evidence. Take, for example, a promotional poster used for Disney's Tangled, where Rapunzel is using her hair to entangle Flynn Rider, her future husband. You might think her hair spelling "S-E-X" is a stretch, but considering the hair could have made virtually any shape, it's definitely suspicious, at the very least, especially since it happened with The Lion King before...

Beauty and the Beast

Every Disney fan knows that "No One Drinks Like Gaston," with the burly brawler's drinking just one sign of his manliness. The other? That he's never even heard of shaving his chest... or anything else. It might sound like a harmless line meant for fun, not a sexual reference... but when you notice the obvious wink Gaston throws as he says the word "inch," you'll never hear the line the same way again.

Wreck-it Ralph

This video game story may not be cute or cuddly, but it's definitely not trying to offend any younger or older viewers with edgy humor. Or is it? When ralph returns home to find he's the only person not invited to a party in his own game, he has some choice words for Pac-Man, who's apparently on the guest list .The words may describe Pac-Man's gameplay, but the risky use of the word “cherry” apparently got the blessing from everyone behind the scenes.

Toy Story 3

An adult joke doesn't need to be complicated to be funny, and it doesn't have to be raunchy to warrant a second look. When Ken and Barbie first meet in the third Toy Story adventure, they can't help but notice they're made for each other. While Ken gives Barbie a dose of charm, she goes for a more... direct approach. It's not as wild as some of our other entries, but it's too blunt to think that even kids would miss it completely.


Disney's story of two sisters called out other classic love stories, with Else thinking it crazy that Anna would marry a man she just met. The skepticism is shared by Kristof, who tries to prove she hardly knows her soon to be husband - including his foot size. It's a safe bet the women in the audience gave the line a giggle, since it's an obvious play on the idea that "size doesn't matter" when it comes to a man'