10 Glaring Costume Mistakes You Missed In Popular Films


As far as film making goes, costume is a huge part of building up a film’s world and characters. It’s especially important in films with a historical setting, because the costume gives us a feel for the time period. It is especially easy to forget with historical films that fashion which exists in the time period the film is being made, or even our understanding of what came before it, may not quite match up to the fashions in the time period the film is setting, and that is why today at Screen Rant we’re taking a look at some of the costume mistakes you may have missed in popular films.

We’re going to be looking into a few forward thinking costumes, such as in Django Unchained, where Django wore sunglasses a whole seventy years before they were invented, and how Jim Morrison in The Doors wore a type of sunglasses that weren’t invented yet. As well as this, we’re taking a look at how Dirty Dancing’s Baby wore jean shorts that didn’t become fashionable until much later, and how the women in Pearl Harbour had bare legs, something women at the time rarely did.

We also look at how Marty’s guitar in Back to the Future wasn’t invented until three years later, and how the soldiers in Curse of the Black Pearl were wearing red coats several decades ahead of when that was their uniform. Braveheart used elements of Scottish culture from two very different points in time, neither of which were used at the time.