10 Funny Moments Of Actors CAUGHT Without Digital Effects Part 2


Once upon a time, CGI was reserved for fantasy and science fiction films. It’s quickly become a centerpiece for films of all genres. Some have argued it cheapens the medium, especially now we live in an age where a lot of films are made around showcasing digital effects, and not the other way around.

Still, digital effects are an ever blooming industry, and have arguably made many brilliant films possible. We’ve all sat in awe at some of the impressive feats of animators and the limits they push.

That being said, there is a long way to go before any of their work is even possible. There is motion capture and green screen to contend with first. And often, it involves actors looking pretty silly in the process. We look at how being a superhero is not as fun as it looks; Superman flies by hanging on wires, how impossibly tall men provided the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy with Groot and Rocket Racoon, and how The Hulk was created using motion capture and a Hulk torso. And now fantastical creatures like the dragons in Game of Thrones were created with green screen, and how Benedict Cumberbatch provided the motion capture for Smaug, and the suit Taylor Lautner had to wear to bring werewolf Jacob to life, and more. And of course, just how funny they all looked in the process.