10 Funny CGI Effects That Animators Hide From You


Everybody loves a movie blooper. Classically, bloopers show that performers that we imagine being perfect in every way are actually merely human like the rest of us - and they're also really funny, of course. When we think of bloopers, however, we do tend to think of them happening in live action - but live action bloopers aren't actually the only ones that occur in Hollywood movies. While CGI is, on the whole, seamless in modern animated movies, the animators responsible for it don't always get it right at the first attempt - and that can result in some really strange and quite hilarious, and often fairly freaky effects occurring. Of course, those strange and hilarious effects don't make it into the final movie, so we rarely get to see them, but they are a form of blooper in their own right and we'd love to share these examples with you - as well as throwing in a couple that were clearly done on purpose by animators to raise a few laughs amongst themselves, and a couple that simply looked terrible in pre-production. Here are ten funny CGI effects that animators hide from you.