10 Fan Theories That Make Pixar Movies Even Better


We as fans tend to delve deep into movies and come up with our own theories. We’re going to share some with you today so be prepared.

The hat that Andy wears in Toy Story definitely seems to resemble that of Jessie’s and Emily’s, Jessie’s previous owner. Is it a possibility that Andy’s mother is Emily? It would make a lot of sense. Charles Muntz and Chef Skinner may have spoken with each other about animals and their thoughts after Skinner learned of Remy in Ratatouille. Edna Mode may have saved the world by outfitting Syndrome with a cape which she learned not to give superheroes anymore after all of the tragedies that occurred. Did she predict he would turn into a villain and want to hinder him? Boo could be the witch in Brave by time traveling through the doors used in Monsters, Inc. which is why a carving of Sully and Pizza Planet are in her house. Randall Boggs could be Andy’s monster since he is seen practicing his skin changing with his partner and the wallpaper that is used in Andy’s room appears. Finding Nemo which translates to, Finding No One, could actually be the tale of Marlin trying to cope with a tragic loss of his wife and all of their offspring. Did you ever think that Wall-E was actually the cause of the earth’s demise? It could be that he destroyed all of the other robots and the earth went to ruin. Wow, what do you think of these theories?